Monday, July 11, 2005

In the End...

Well, this is the end, fellows. This will be the last ever post on the Tales of 2005. I can't say I have much left as I put all of the old stories on Old Fun on past posts, so I've ran out of ammo (check the blue in most entries... those are perhaps the best moments of the Class of 2005). But I do have one left, and since we are finished with school and I will probably not see anyone again, then well, I'm going to make fun of myself. And no, it's not Maracaibo, that's already been accounted for in Old Fun.

Okay, so this was in junior year. I stayed over Tiny's place with Rodrigo, Eduardo and Calabria, I believe. I'm not sure who was there, but Eduardo was for sure (no kidding...). So we had a few Soleras in the fridge and a couple of movies lying around, so we started drinking while watching the movies. We made a mistake, though. We were all drinking at Calabria's pace, and I know that I wasn't tolerant enough to do that... so I had 5 soleras (verdes) almost back to back to back to back to back... and it really hit me hard. I think that was my first borrachera (hey, my tolerance was low then) and I got a bit dizzy and very sleepy. So well, I fall asleep and wake up the next day early because I had to go to community service. So I manage to wake up with my first ever hangover and I see that everyone else is asleep and I have to get to school. So well, it isn't that bad, Tiny lives relatively close to school. So I get changed (I think... I might not have...) and start walking towards the school. So I'm walking on a street that has no sidewalks, so I'm walking to the side of the road, not knowing what's gonna happen to me. And no, I didn't get raped. Well, I hear this car honk at me, but unlike the others it actually slows down until it comes to a rest right next to me. Then it comes "Hey, James, hop on, I'll give you a ride." Now who do you think it was? Yep, it was my Health teacher, Mr. Briggs. What are the odds? So I hop on, smelling all like alcohol and endure the two minute trip. I tried to speak the least I could so he wouldn't smell my breath, and I think I got away with it. That's what I think, anyway... he might've known and didn't say anything (like that Maracaibo incident...).

Well, so we go to the park with the little kids and I just sit around, trying to ignore them all and trying not to yell at them for bothering me (hangover + kids is not a good mix). So that was perhaps the most unproductive community service ever... not to mention the longest.

Well that was the last story to be told on this blog. Thank you for reading. The 14 years of CIC have been a great experience, as you can see. Lots of weird shit going on. I'd like to thank all the people that have made this possible (most notably Tiny and Rodrigo) and all my friends for their support all these years.

Take care everyone,

The Insider

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Tribute to: Damasio

Well, I'm done with the teachers, but I thought I'd dedicate a whole entry to Mr. Damasio just because of making us laugh so much. Although there have been other teachers that we will remember, Mr. Damasio will always be remembered for his peculiar way of speaking. He's a good man, don't get me wrong, but he's funny as hell.

Most of the things he's said, I haven't been around to listen to them personally as most of them have occured in soccer practice or in soccer games (and although I kick ass at soccer, I don't play in the team to give the other kids a chance... ).

I was going to write a paragraph with each saying to explain them, but I tried and it just takes the humour out of the things he said, so I'm just going to list them with a brief explanation.

-"Don't fart in your rooms" (presumably trying to say "don't party in your rooms")

-"There is no heroe in this team, you're all heroes" (talking to the VANAS boy's All-Star team)

-"one-zero is the same as one hundred-zero" (just the same as skipping is the same as running, right?)

-"you know, you guys, if you're winning, you have to act... like actors. take time, don't run..." (so South American...)

-"Marcella Heemsen: ten goals. Swimming pool: one goal" (no clue)

-"Jorge is very skilly" (I bet he is)

-"grass is tall" (yeah, it's going through puberty)

-"the goalie is triple scared than you are"

And that's the only saying I have to say.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Teaching Memories

Well, my faithful reader , as you know we've graduated now (all of us, actually... against all odds) therefore there will be no more tales of 2005 (see, we're not together anymore... YAY!). However, there are loads of untold tales, so there's enough material for a couple of more entries... and I gave in to pressure of friends (and the idea that I might actually use my free time (ie. all my vacation time) for something useful) so well, here goes. This post is dedicated to things our teachers have said and done, which means this will perhaps the funniest entry ever (for the exception of Tiny's...).

I've got to start somewhere, so I'll start with my favorite teacher... Mme Sedek. She made my life a living hell during French. I'm not being paranoid, ask any of my classmates, she would skip me, pick on me, down grade me... the list goes on. This is why I'm going to enjoy making fun of her. What are the nicknames for Marie France Sedek?
Isn't it just odd that this French woman's middle name is France? What if we went around naming kids after the country they're born in? Now there's a way to brutally slaughter your kid's sanity. Anyway, one of our favorite nicknames is the Pink Panther, because of the way she walks into the classroom, all quiet and... uhm, how do you explain this... Pink Pantherish. She should stop dressing like Ozzy Osbourne and start dressing more in pink like Ercole to fulfill her destiny. Another nickname for this adorable lady, closer to her wardrope and character, is Pepe Le Pew. Just for the simple reason that he's French. However, instead of prancing around France looking for love she sits at her desk here in Valencia looking for ways of screwing James over. My favorite French class (well, second to the time that she didn't show up at all): that day in June 2002 when Senegal beat France in the World Cup. We had finished watching the game during computer class with Mr. Ferrell (that's how productive we were) and we were all shocked to see that France had lost to such a... uhm... small team (to put it that way). Nonetheless we were delighted. We practically ran to the French classroom (where we ironically had class next) and started writing on the board things like "la-bas la France!" or just simply "France sucks!". Mme Sedek took it pretty well, very gracefully, but I bet deep inside her French heart was suffering, which is good enough for me.

Moving on to the famous Mr. Demonte (or Demente?). He was our sixth grade science teacher, and he was whack. He was also old. And it was during his class the only time in my life that I've cheated (and got caught, stupid me...), but that's not something I'd like to discuss... I'd rather make fun of the old guy. Anyway, he's known for these types of cars we were building towards the end of the year (or beginning? no clue). When he was going to tell us the essential component of the car, he practically closed all the windows, pulled the curtains down, locked the door, looked under the desks to check that there were no umpa lumpas overhearing, adjusted his glasses, combed his hair with his hands, fiddled with is moustache, shook the collar of his shirt back and fourth, looked around for one last time for the MLB people, and then finally revealed the component to us by placing his hand vertically next to his opposite cheek and whispering: "shoebox." I sort of exaggerated, but it was hilarious! To be fair, from the middle to the end, it's all pretty much true, although the first part could be true aswell, I don't remember very well... thankfully. BUT, he's also known for something else. We were working on this big model airplane, made of wood or something. We worked for an entire semester on this airplane that was supposed to teach us about...erm...something and well, we finally completed it. Got the engine off some catalogue (see, Ebay wasn't famous yet) and well, it was ready to go. So we went out to the upper field to try it out. Now, Mr. Demonte had to fly it first, because you know, a pro should do it first so that it's not crashed in the first attempt, and that way more people in the class will get to fly it. So the plane's there on the ground, it takes off under Mr. Demonte's guidence, travels around fifteen centimentres, and hits the ground, totally wrecking the model. So much for professionalism, eh? I wonder what he's doing now... wrecking some other kids' dreams? Or perhaps starting his own rat-trap powered cars competition (shoebox car)...

Liebertz... well, aside from the fact that he dressed the same every day for two years, there's not much to say about Liebertz... he's a good guy. That's why we taped all his stuff to the roof and the fan one morning before US History last year.

Now we move on to one of my favorite teachers... Mr. Behrsing! I don't think I'll be able to write about everything he did because we were young, and perhaps we didn't understand everything he said... it's a shame we couldn't have him for senior English... we didn't do anything anyway. Mr. Behrsing is best known for being cruel... to anyone. Once he asked this woman who had just had plastic surgery "does you face hurt?". He was also mean to the class, of course, asking the same question to the class and then yelling out "well, it's hurting me!!!". He also once threw a paper ball up in the air for Alejandra to catch. When she was looking up to catch it he threw another paper ball straight to her, hitting her on the face. but that's not all, he was also a bit nutty... once during class the alarm of some car went off in the parking lot. Mr. Behrsing frustrated from trying to teach us ignorant people about English, just went outside to the balcony and yelled off the top of his lungs "SHUT UP!!!". He had no clue who's car it was, but I can assure you that it didn't auto-start again. So craziness overrules saneness. Mr. Behrsing is also known for messing with Mr. Marcum. You see, Mr. Marcum was this short math teacher who was very enthusiastic about the subject... VERY enthusiastic. Oh, for those of you who don't know, he's back for next year to teach Calculus... lucky Calculus bastards. Anyhow, Mr. Marcum's classroom was directly below Mr. Behrsing's, so once in a while (that would be once in a while every day) Mr. Berhsing would grab one of the golf balls that he kept in his desk and just bounce it. When we asked him if that didn't bother Mr. Marcum downstairs, he'd say "well, what's he gonna do? is he gonna come up here and punch my kneecap?". It's a good thing he's living in a house now... could you imagine having someone like that living above you? But I remember Mr. Berhsing for something else. It was this very inspirational speech he gave us once. He was teaching us about spontaneous speaches, and we asked him to make one. He picked out a slip of paper from the hat, and got "pets." So well, he starts out, and then this was his incredible finish: "so as you see, people should have pets that fit their personalities. For example, people with strong personalities, like Marcella, should have a pet like a lion or a tiger. On the otherhand, people like Tiny should have dead ducks" and the class just burst out in laughter. I'm laughing now as I type this. That is perhaps the best speech I've heard--albeit the cruelest--and definitely one of the few that I'll remember when I'm 88 years old (that's my life expectancy). We were really sad when he left, we thought we were never going to have worthy entertainment again. Although this turned out to be partially true, there was one person who didn't miss Mr. Berhsing at all. Daniel points out that he should've gotten a refund for that year because he spent the majority of English class outside or witnessing his papers being ripped. (Now that I come to think of it, there were two people that didn't miss him at all. Eddie was the other one... he couldn't get an A with Berhsing, but with his future teachers he would). So, while we all cried "Shane... don't go!!" those two were throwing a Nintendo party (well, it WAS 8th grade...).

There's so much I could write about Briggs... I'll try to keep it short, though. But he was definitely one of the teachers that stood out the most. Not because of his moustache (that he's had for over 30 years) but because of the things he said. He wasn't very politically correct, asking people (not really asking, more like telling them) "what'r'u ret'a'dd!?" (what are you retarded). When I pointed out once that that was politically incorrect, he responded with "what'r'u ret'a'dd!?". Everyone in school has heard that at least once in their lifetime... so does that mean we used to go to a special school? He's also insulted our intelligence with "you're as bright as a one watt lightbulb" and he's asked Tiny "what'd ye go to a gay gym?" (what, do you go to a gay gym) when Tiny told him that he did his pushups on his knees at gym. Maybe Briggs was right for once... and he's also questioned Tiny's experience of the world: once when Tiny said something stupid (what a stupid thing to say...) by saying "what'd you live in a barn?". There's always his characteristic "JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZ!!!" whenever he got pissed off while coaching sports. Briggs is also known for things he's done, not only said. For example, there's the classic example of not knowing much Spanish even though he'd been in Venezuela for over 20 years. Once while we were doing something at the gym he turns around and yells to an obrero "mira, co-mo esta el chi-chi-chi?" referring to the water sprinkler. We'd bother him forever with that. He also used to punch us, knuckle us, or do something to us whenever he was pissed off... but once coming back from a Maracaibo softball trip (this was a long time ago... say 5 years ago?) he sat on Sebastian's head (he was this kid with a big mellon head) because... I don't know, probably for no reason at all. Also at Maracaibo, but more recently (two years ago) he broke down when Omar was caught out at third (him being the tieing run and therefore the chance to avoid a sweep) with two outs to end the game whilst gracefully skipping from second. He just exploded with his "JEEEZZZEEEZZZ!" and almost broke his board... if he didn't. Then he claimed he wasn't mad. He's also known for being a Tony Robbins enthusiast... listening to the guy all the time. He tried to influence us, but well, he quite couldn't. He said he listened to the guy (on tape, of course) while driving to school, from school... he probably listened to him on his walkman while climbing the mountain! In the shower, too... Moving on. To quote Jerry Seinfeld, there are two types of favours, the small one and the big one. You can tell which one it is depending on the pause after first asking for the favour. But there's no telling with Briggs. He'd come to me and say "can I ask you for a small favour? could you run down to my office and get...?" and let me tell you, that's not a small favour. His office was practically on the other side of the campus. There's also this anecdote (I swear it's true) during PE when we were playing softball. I was the catcher, and the ball was thrown to me from the outfield to get this guy out... but the throw was too late (or bad...) and I just went forward to get the ball and try to throw another guy out at second... so I throw the ball, pretty much as fast as I can, but it doesn't quite get to second... because it found Mr. Briggs' head in the way! So he goes down with a murdurous "bang" and Eddie approches him to make sure he's alright... so he snaps and tells him "you never abandon a game of softball! you finish the play and then you check!! Give me a lap!!!" and Eddie had to run for being nice... I told you Briggs was one of those teachers that stood out...

Mr. Leonard's pre-calculus class was something else. You'll never have a class like that. What was the class all about? It was about finding as many different ways as you could to try and kill Leonard. Going from medieval to futuristic, we found billions of ways to kill him, but there was no better way than the good old gun. In Leonard's class we also mocked Rasmuson, especially Eddie and Guillermo C. with Mr. Rasmuson's radio show. It would open with some classical music (I forget the name of that piece!!) and then the listeners would be greeted with a characteristic "Good morning, Ethiopia!!" and then he would carry on discussing books and all... then people would phone in with comments like "you suck!". I don't remember all the details, but they were hilarious. I can't believe I actually passed that class... I can't believe I passed that class with a B! If you'd like to know more about Good Morning Ethiopia, visit the official website or contact Eddie. Website:

I should probably mention that Daniel made Ms. Stigelmayer cry in class by making fun of her and her gas station anecdotes. She stormed out of the room with tears in here eyes, and I'll tell you, they weren't from laughing. Nice, Danny!

Mr. Zink is known for tons of things, most of them good. From the fishing sound he always made at Annie for trying to fish answers out of him (and every teacher, if we get to that) to the whining song... I don't remember how it went, unfortunately, but it was quite a song.

There was a missunderstanding in Economics class last semester. We were talking about something totally not relevant (as usual) and then Mr. Rugg says "the music teacher was walking with her baby and..." and we ALL interrupted "what!? baby!?" and he's like "yeah... baby..." and we're all puzzled, naturally, since the music teacher we know, Ms. de Vries, is like 94 years old. You can't imagine a woman that old with a BABY... and you definitely can't understand how a woman that old could get some. But well, after some turmoil, it was revealed that there's another music teacher, younger than de Vries (well, everyone in school is younger than her) who has a baby... lucky for that baby and for society. Also staying with de Vries, one of my favourite moments last year (senior year... I don't know how I should referr to that as I'm already done... is it "this year" or "last year"?) was during a peprally when the girls were playing softball against the teacher in the secondary basketball court. First Mme Sedek came up to bat and stood right on the plate... had to be French. 70 years in Venezuela, in an American school and she still doesn't know how to stand. I was surprised she hit the ball, to be honest. Then up next comes de Vries, hits the ball and then starts running to first (not to third like Jorge) and then midway she dives! Oh, wait, she fell! LOLOLOL!!! Just like a sack of potatoes (I know, cliche, but it's true.. I didn't know why they said that until that incident). She practically bounced onto her back... it was hilarious. So you're probably wondering why I'm so mean, well, I have my reason... she wrecked one of my... uhm... escapades. But well, that teaches you a couple of things... French people can't play softball (or anything) and old people shouldn't dive... and if they're going to they should at least do it close to the base, not midway.

How could we all forget Carlos, Rodrigo and Daniel mambo-dancing for Ms. White during study hall during the first semester? Ms. White turned away, but I'm sure she liked it... for reasons I can't say on a public blog. But well, they're legal now, Ms. White, go and get them! Oh, and there was the time when we all sang Beautiful Day and Elevation to Ms. Ostermiller during study hall... she was RED! I think I've said that before in the blog... look it up for more details.

And I'm going to close with Olivas. He had this small turkey that he named "pavita"... and was later renamed by the Environmental Science class (that's us) to "Nipple." Why? No clue... just Nipple. So we'd go around asking him "hey, how's Nipple?" and people would just stare. Had to be us... oh, and just a little correction for Mr. Olivas (I'm not making fun of you... Rod is): it's clipboard, not "clitboard."

Thursday, March 03, 2005

An Economic Class

Can you believe it!? Something happened in school! I thought I'd never write here again, but well, enjoy this entry because it could well be the last one. Anyway, everything happened during Economics class, and I'm glad to say it was more than just one thing. Ah, today was a good day...

The first thing you need to know is that according to Irene and Marcella, Mr. Rugg is like a big 5th grader (a really big one, mind). That's because of some un-teacher-like things he does (don't ask). Well, that point was proven when we started to talk about Disney World (hey, it was in the book!). Mr. Rugg told us in a very upbeat mood that Mickey and Minnie live in Disney world, and that everytime he went he saw them, so that could only mean that they lived in the castle. I wish I could still believe in such things... oh, and Tinkerbell also lives there, says Daniel the expert.

Also, during Economics class we've got the Sound Effect of the Day, brought to you by Le Tiny. Yesterday he showed us how tired he was while playing basketball by inhaling really deeply and making this weird drowning noise. We all cracked up, including Mr. Rugg. As if that wasn't enough, today we were talking about what would happen if suddenly all the prices in the stores went down, and El Enano enriched us with knowledge by making another sound effect. This one tried to resemble a bunch of people running into a mall (something like "ssshhhwwaaaa"). Nice, Tiny, NIIIICE!!! He's not good at anything, but now that he's discovered this newfound talent, he might actually have something to look forward to in his future... (only joking, Tiny.)

Then an art debate started... Mr. Rugg finally said that when you painted a painting, that was art. When you designed a watch, that was art. When you built a computer, that was art. When you designed a car, that was art... and then the room went quiet, and Rod, to the surprise of everyone, said, "that's art, dude." And that was the most hilarious thing that happened. He said it with this high surfer's voice... it caught everyone by surprise, and even Rugg had to laugh for a full minute. Then next class he agreed with Olivas' statement by saying, again in a high surfer's tone "totally, dude." I don't know what he was on today, but it was HILARIOUS. Keep it up, dude!

During the second part of the class we engaged in debate on art and engineering. Yes, everything in the world has a bit of engineering but art is also important. How do we know this? Daniel (who was holding this Dumbo Kola thing that allegedly only cost Bs. 250) explained why engineering was important for building cars (yeah, surprise surprise) and how Industrial Designers were also engineers. But then Calabria hit back by saying that if it wasn't for the art put into the car to make it look nice nobody would buy it. "Nobody will drive around in a square" Calabria claimed. Then we started to imagine people driving in triangle-shaped cars, honking and waving and all... lol. Then Rodrigo came up with the idea of a spherical car (you know, he's Brazilian) and how you can just push the car on it's side when you get mad at the driver and they'll just roll and roll and roll... sweet sweet revenge.

Now, for a second, let's imagine Daniel as an engineer (okay, well, but try really hard and maybe you could get the picture). He spends a couple of years building this car, his pride, his everything. Then he asks someone to try it and the innocent victim goes into the car, turns the keys and KABOOOM! the car blows up! You know what's the saddest part of this? That it's likely to happen...

Yet another incident that took place during Econ class was Calabria's whining. Marcella asked Mr. Rugg if it was true that the school was going to buy new computers for the school next year, thing to which Rugg replied positively. And then all of a sudden Calabria says in a whiney/shy/gayish voice/manner "you always buy new computer but never new art supplies" and we all just cracked up. Rugg because of the way he said it, but the rest of us because we believe art to be useless and the money should go to the technology department no matter what (okay, maybe not because of that, but that's what we told him).

Finally, when we were leaving the class, Mr. Rugg said something about a Carioca (you know, in his Brazilian accent, which would be "Charioka") and people ask what that is, and Rod says "ah, it's like a guajiro..." and well, we just walked away as fast as we could...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I would like to apologize for not updating the blog from the 27th of January. I know it has been a long time, but there honestly isn't much to write about. Ever since I stopped taking psychology things have gone downhill. I mean, I started using some recreational drugs to entertain myself and then the next thing I knew I was taking some of the hardcore stuff. And by taking I don't just mean once a day, but like once every couple of hours. I know, I'm a mess. And because of that I am now flunking school and I spend my weekends in my room sniffing coke instead of hanging around with the whores as usual. My plans for university have been scratched after this disaster, so I'm planning to stay here and do nothing with my life (so things haven't changed much, have they?).

Okay, to be perfectly honest, that's not true (for the exception of the psychology part). I just thought it could use some spicing. So well, I've compiled a couple of things that have gone on in these past few weeks. Nothing like the old times, but well, here I go.

First of all I would like to congratulate Mr. Calabria for being accepted into the lactose-intolerant group. Now he holds a permanent membership to that sacred minority group in school. Well, from what I've heard most people outside of Europe (or at least a majority) are lactose-intolerant, so that being the case then I would like to congratuate myself for being lactose-tolerant.

As some of you know, our friend Rodrigo has been sick this past week, and one of the things that he was forbidden to do was take in alcohol. As you might've guessed, this is the worst possible thing you could do to the poor Brazilian (aside from stripping him from his manhood like they've done with Maurizio). Tiny and I were teasing him about it, how much he must be suffering by not drinking his favourite poison (yeah, I know, we're ratas) and we suggested that he perhaps might be allergic to alcohol. "No man, if I were allergic to alcohol I would kill myself" says the Brazilian, and then he denies that he's an alcoholic. But well, that's not the worst part. He then goes on to say that once he's cured from whatever he has and he can drink again, he's gonna drink so much that he's gonna shit alcohol. Now that was hilarious, and I can see him doing that... but on second thought I wouldn't want to see such an unnatural act. I wonder how it would come out... diarrhea style?

During lunch we were discussing some weird thing (as usual) and we somehow ended up talking about going hunting and then eating whatever you kill. This is a common practice for many people, and perhaps more people should do it so they appreciate how hard it is to find food, but Tiny had his own opinion on this practice. He said that he wouldn't want to go on one of those groups that go out hunting because they usually get drunk and then whenever they see an object they go "eh, un pato!" and they shoot at people. Ah, the beauties of alcohol. And perhaps he's right, that would explain all the casualities that happen within those groups... it can't be that so many birds attack people to death.

Now it's time to talk about piracy. Let's be frank here, we all know that it is wrong and that we are stealing whenever we download music (or movies if you're Rodrigo). Oh, by the way, if you ever need a movie, call Rodrigo and he'll download it for you and give it to you on a CD. He doesn't consider himself a pirate, but I really can't think of a more delinquent act. Anyway, people still do it because although the cinema advert says that "everyone loses" and "it's not worth it", you're getting a product for free and everyone likes to get things for free. And this was proven when Mr. Olivas told us about his personal pirate. When we got back from the Christmas break he asked us if we had seen Meet the Fockers (or Meet the Fuckers if you fancy watching it in Metropolis, but let me clear this up right away, it's not a porn movie, as much as the title indicates), and we responded that we had not because it was yet to come to theatres near us. "No, man, go to my pirate and you can find any movie you want and at a very good quality" was his reponse. Now that's responsible, innit? Our teacher encouraging us to buy pirated films. But well, it is he who keeps the pirate business alive. He told us that he bought around 5 movies a week from his pirate (to which Ercole responded "doesn't he have a life!?"). You can just imagine the treatment he gets when he goes, can't you? "Lord Olivas, please sit here and I'll show you this week's new films, and just wait a second and I'll get you your beer." Well, whatever works, right?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Your Hot Cousin

Well, I can't complain about today. Although only one thing took place, it was very funny and it happened to be the first period. All the guys were obsessing about Tiny's hot cousin (who the whole school seem to know) and telling Tiny how hot she is. Tiny said she was pretty and they all retorted by saying she was not pretty, she was hot. Anyway, Martim tells Tiny that in some cultures people marry their cousins. If you happened to live in the mountains or in Alabama that would be an accepted practice. But beware, the children you concieve might be mentally challenged (retarded). Then Nolin kicks in: "what's the difference!?" he yells. And we all crack up at his direct-indirect comment. Not that we didn't know, but because Nolin hadn't really told Tiny that before.. he might start to believe it now (it's about time he figured it out anyway).

Old Fun

I thought I'd continue with Mme Sedek for this Old Fun moment. Now we move on from threats and we shall remember some happy times. There was that time during the World Cup 2002, that opening day, when crappy Senegal beat France 1-0. We were watching parts of that game in class and I remember we watched the final minutes of the game in Mr. Ferrell's computer class. The next class we had that day was French, and we came in celebrating that the French had lost and that they had done so to an unknown team. We wrote things on the blackboard (which is actually green, I don't know why it's called a blackboard), we sang, we played around... that was a happy day, no doubt. Might've been the best French class actually, only behind that time when she didn't show up at all.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Big Cars

Today was supposed to be a great day, but since Psychology has now been swapped with Economics we didn't get much action. Pretty dull day, really. However, there was one thing that happened.

During Economics class Mr. Rugg was looking for an example to show us how people care more about their things than other (as if we didn't know that already) and he says, "well, suppose I give you a car, but not to each one, one car for all" and Daniel interrupts by saying, "that has to be a big car, a van so that we can all fit" and then Rodrigo says the only funny thing he's said this week: "he's gonna give us the Scooby Doo van!" and we all start laughing. By all I mean the students, because Rugg just stared at Rodrigo in amazement (he spent a long time in Brazil, he shouldn't have been so surprised) for a while and then said calmly, "no, you're not getting the Scooby Doo van..." Can you imagine us riding in that van? Trying to solve crimes and all? That would be a massive disaster, I'd rather not think of that.

Old Fun

So let's remember weird teachers, shall we? Nobody can beat our beloved French teacher, Mme Sedek. Everytime we did something that she didn't approve of she would yell "diez puntos menos!" Eddie even made her a yellow card so she could book us instead of yelling all the time. The thing was, that she never took points off the tests, because if that were the case at least half the class would've flunked the class. I know I would've...

When she noticed she couldn't make us fear her by taking away virtual 10 points every ten minutes, she had to take more drastic measures, such as threatening to send us the Mr. Newton's office and other stuff. The most famous of these was taking points off the AP test. You can just see her calling up a French mate over at the College Board and saying "eh? College Board? Quietenle diez puntos a..." yeah, that's what I meant...